Natalia Garibotto

Natalia Garibotto
Miami, USA

Natalia is a 25-year-old half Brazilian, half Argentinean model living in sunny Miami, Florida.

Nata Gata is her nickname, but what the heck does it mean? Well to start, Nata is short for ‘Natalia’ and Gata in Brazil means a total babe.

While modeling was the last thing that she ever dreamt of doing as a little girl, it was a hobby that slowly transitioned into a career that she now loves. Natalia is a huge tomboy who wears heels from time to time but loves to play soccer and binge on video games.

Modeling became a passion of hers when she finally began to understand the art of expression. ‘Nata Gata’ is a huge part of her that symbolizes exactly that; a free way of living and a free form of expression.

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