Vivi Castrillon

Vivi Castrillon
Miami, USA

Born in Medellin, Colombia, Viviana (Vivi) Castrillon was stunningly beautiful as a child. Her family encouraged participation in local modeling contests where she was very successful. After University, one day, she accompanied a friend to a modeling audition. The Casting Director noticed her & inquired as to why she was not auditioning.  She explained that her visit was in support for her friend.

The Casting Director talked Vivi into auditioning and the very next day she was informed that she was chosen from thousands nationwide for an Ad campaign.

A year later, Vivi won the Miss Playboy TV Star Contest. Winning this contest gave Vivi the opportunity to represent Colombia in Uruguay in the Miss Playboy TV Latin America pageant. Vivi was briefly the runner-up (2nd) but after a couple of hours the winner, Miss Spain, was de-crowned and Vivi assumed the role. A contract with Playboy TV for a year was immediately signed and extended to nearly 5 years. As the spokesperson for the channel and the brand, Vivi traveled to more than 150 countries.

With multiple photo shoots throughout her career she was always having a difficult time finding elegant yet sensual lingerie. She realized that there was a demand that was not being met. This is when a light bulb turned on and VC DREAMS was born. Vivi started designing her own lingerie and enlisted her mother to sew her creations back in Medellin. With Vivi laser focused on her new company she decided stop working for PLAYBOY TV to grow VC Dreams & watch her designs come to life!

VC Dreams starts growing and Vivi decides to completely focus on it and disconnects herself from being a public figure. A few years later Vivi meets a businessman who later becomes her husband and business partner. He encourages and motivates Vivi to start modeling again and launches her social media debut with her first Instagram account.

According to several media reporters, Vivi is the 3rd most followed COLOMBIAN woman on INSTAGRAM in the world with over 5 million followers. Leaving only Shakira and Sofia Vergara just above her. Vivi’s profile is so unique that Playboy TV approached her again offering to make a fully customized TV show just for her. This  show is currently being televised in 70 different countries.

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